Journey inside the atom

In my previous blog on Atomism, I talked about the atoms and how the atoms are mostly empty space that forms the foundation of life on earth. Today, I will dig our atom and move inside it. As it was mentioned by Dalton (1804) in his atomic theory that atoms are indivisible ,indestructible and cannot be further divided into simpler particles. But, it is evident since ancient times, that our species being the most intelligent on the earth always takes up the challenge to dig into what is being said is impossible. No wonder we are looking for life outside our planet for our future to enjoy the adventures out there. 

Coming back to my teeny tiny particle and the journey inside it. This journey is a splendid one with a number of roller coaster rides consisting of high energy and low energy rides throwing a spectacular show of colors. Let me hold my breath and get on to the high energy ride. On my first ride I got to meet the electrons. To my astonishment it was so hyper that at one time it was with me and in a blink of eye It wasn’t.  I started chatting with my friend electron before the start of the ride. Electron introduced itself to me. I belong to the quantum Universe. I am a mysterious particle. My mass is negligible. I have an electric charge -1. You cannot view me, but I can let you observe my behavior. My energy will help you to understand my behavior. My presence is in the form of clouds and you can have the probability of finding me there. Isn’t that funny!! I move too fast for the human eye to see. I play an important role in bonding atoms. No connections between the atoms can be made without me. I was thrilled by my friend electron. After my high energy ride I got tired and started to plan for my lower energy rides. After my low energy rides I came close to a positive center named the nucleus of the atom. I entered Nucleus and met two more friends, proton and neutron.

The proton and neutron introduced themselves. Proton and neutron were massive as compared to the electron almost 2000 times that of the electron.Proton said I have the same magnitude of charge as that of electron but I am positive. Proton mentioned its own charge and that the charge on the electron keep the atom neutral and is responsible for the stability of the atom. Neutron said I have no charge. Both protons and neutrons are held together inside the nucleus by the strong nuclear force. I was amazed by the strong nuclear power that was holding my two friends proton and neutron together. And how the three particles are keeping the atom stable. Here I ended my journey inside the tiny atom. 

This shows us that atoms are no longer indivisible. It can be further divided into a subatomic particle proton, neutron and electron. These subatomic particles play an important role in bringing about the major interactions between the atoms in this Universe. An interaction is the most important thing which I believe is the soul of existence. Nothing can stay alive without interaction or communication. These tiny particles are in a constant process of exchange of energies enabling the existence of life and matter in this Universe. Everything will come to stand still if any of these tiny particles stops behaving the way it should be.

Weirdly,  the thing to ponder here is, are the particles themselves sure about their behavior? With this one question I come to the end of my today’s blog.

Next blog, I’m going to bring you the biggest illusion of what we call Maya reflecting on the strange behavior of these sub-atomic particles.

I am tiny,yet I am important

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.
Charles. R. Swindoll

In this world we keep ourselves focused on big things and tend to miss the small things that matter the most. Through my blogs, I am making a little effort to bring to you the tiniest things that constitute this Universe.Universe which is made up of matter and Matter which is anything that occupies space and has mass. So, basically I will be talking here about everything from atoms to cells , from particles to vibrations, energy to evolution, and from science to faith and convictions.

It is evident that everything in this universe is governed by the position and displacement of its constituent particles. I believe every speck here has its own relevance and its own story to tell. This gives me inspiration to be curious to know how it works and how it rules the whole of us. Regardless of the rush and hurry species show to survive, yet nature is patient and takes its own time to accomplish everything.

Through this blog let us get amazed by the smallest unit of matter which is an atom.It is the simplest way matter can be divided. An atom is a fundamental piece of matter. Everything in this Universe is made up of matter and so, everything in this universe is made up of atoms. Atom has the root words – A and tom. The Greek prefix A means “not”. And the tom has the meaning “cut”. This comes to the origin of the word “ Atom”, which means the smallest particle of the matter which cannot be cut further into simpler particles and is indivisible. The concept that matter is made of small indivisible units has been there since ancient Greece and India.

Origin of Atomism from Ancient Hindu Scriptures

I am very much impressed to know that Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu Scripture almost 35000 years old mentions about atoms and molecules. Srimad Bhagwatam mentions about the calculation of time from the atom.

VERSE 3.11.1
maitreya uvāca
caramaḥ sad-viśeṣāṇām
aneko ’saṁyutaḥ sadā
paramāṇuḥ sa vijñeyo
nṛṇām aikya-bhramo yataḥ


The material manifestation’s ultimate particle, which is indivisible and not formed into a body, is called the atom. It exists always as an invisible identity, even after the dissolution of all forms. The material body is but a combination of such atoms, but it is misunderstood by the common man.

Sage Maitreye in Srimad Bhagwat geeta said:

One should know that the ultimate presence of that what shows itself in the manifold as being indivisible, consists of an infinitesimal particle [paramânu] the combination of which [into material forms] creates illusion in man. (2) The supreme oneness of that particle being present within material bodies, keeps its original form till the end of time, it is of a continual, unrivaled uniformity. (3) Time, my best one, besides being known as the supreme, non-manifest Almighty Lord who controls all physical action, can therefore also be measured by the motion of the minutest and largest forms of combinations of particles. (4) The time of that infinitesimal particle is the time it takes to occupy [or vibrate in] a certain atomic space. The greatest of time is the time taken by the existence of the complete of all atoms.

The atomic description of the Srimad-Bhagavatam is almost the same as the modern science of atomism.In modern science also, the atom is accepted as the ultimate indivisible particle of which the universe is composed. Srimad-Bhagavatam is the full text of all descriptions of knowledge, including the theory of atomism. The atom is the minute subtle form of eternal time.

Greek Origins of Atomism:

The idea that all matter is made up of tiny, indivisible particles, or atoms, is believed to have originated with the Greek philosopher Leucippus of Miletus and his student Democritus of Abdera in the 5th century B.C. (The word atom comes from the Greek word atomos, which means ?indivisible.?) These thinkers held that, in addition to being too small to be seen, unchangeable, and indestructible, atoms were also completely solid, with no internal structure, and came in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, which accounted for the different kinds of matter. Color, taste, and other intangible qualities were also thought to be composed of atoms.

Another classical work of Roman author Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus)
The poetry of Lucretius constitutes one great didactic work in six books, De rerum natura [on the nature of things]. In dignified and beautiful hexameter verse the poet sets forth arguments founded upon the philosophical ideas of Democritus and Epicurus. He seeks to persuade man that there need be no fear of the gods or of death, since man is lord of himself. His proof is based upon the so-called atomic theory of the ancients, which held that everything, even the soul, is made up of atoms, and the laws of nature control all.

Interesting facts about Atoms

It is utterly wonderful to share here some of the interesting facts about atoms. We have around 7 billion billion billion atoms in our body and we replace 98% of them every year!! Isn’t it interesting. Another interesting fact is, atoms are mostly empty space.If the nucleus was expanded to the size of a marble, the outer edge of the atom would be nearly a football field away. Each atom is 99.99% empty space.

Great! Unbelievable !!The whole universe is empty space in a way , looking at the description of atoms. Tiny yet wholesome. Empty yet filling everything. A philosophical thought to ponder upon.

I will conclude here with a question to ask for self:

Is there anything like emptiness in life when the whole of life inside us comprises nothing but just empty space?

Shopping Peace

Today, a thought came to me when I was enjoying sunshine in my backyard. “Shopping peace” is the title that came to me. In this world of chaos where we can buy everything but peace. Why are there no shops of  PEACE?.. Why is there no one who can give us PEACE? Weird questions , I know, I think everyone in this world is involved with none. This illusion which seems real is one of the fool’s paradise. Sometimes, depressing but still hoping that someday I will shop “PEACE”. Chaotic mind struggling to achieve a peaceful state. But difficult to get, so thought of an easy way of just stepping out and buying it. Weird indeed!!

With this curious thought, I went on the Internet to shop for peace. Surprisingly, I got to the PEACE STORE. This is the place where I can buy things and at the same time connect to people. I loved the idea behind this store which is located in Key West. It emphasises on peace and has the intent to deny hatred , violence and anything that divides people. Their manifesto inspired me. 

Then I came across another one which says “Shop Peace to spread Peace”. Another motivating one to look up to. Their ™ is “ May Peace Prevail on Earth International”.

After browsing sites and spending a good amount of time I got answers to my weird questions. Yes, there are “Peace Stores”. 

Leaving aside what is being said so far, it is the demand of the time to practice means that can bring peace to our souls. We are all under the feeling of constant fear and anxiety. The fear of the unknown, what holds  in the future? Likewise many questions keep knocking back and forth making us restless. The only last resort to all the problems is the “ Supreme God”. Complete surrender with no doubt is the answer to everything.

My curiosity about peace shopping today enriched me with the work of people who are like the torch of inspiration amidst the haywire. 


“ Never let a good crisis go to waste”- Winston Churchill

We are all going through a global pandemic- COVID-19 . Nobody could have ever imagined that life will become so difficult because of a novel kind of virus. “VIRUS” this term is not new for us. We already know about so many viral infections and diseases that people are subjected to in their life. But, for the first time a microscopic organism has literally made the globe shut down everything. Now, no body cares about religion, caste or border terrorism and any other nonsense for which people always fought for ages. 

The present scenario is making us ponder over- What is the least requirement for the survival of human beings? When I  look back from the present day, I feel that the time, money and resources with which people are blessed with were often misused. Now, when there is a scarcity of even the basic needs, we start valuing the things.Also, during crisis we get to see the two faces of a person. The kind and the ugly. There are people who are selfishly hoarding stuff, thinking as if they are the only one who would survive. I would like to ask such hoarders, even if you survive- Are you going to talk to empty streets and empty buildings? This is the time to be kind. Yes,There are people who have shown their kindness and are still showing. I feel so proud and also sometimes get goosebumps when people go beyond their limits to help each other. This is what we are for- FOR EACH OTHER!!! Survival is possible when only with goodness and kindness.

The novel virus which is new for us has brought a change in the lifestyle which appears to be new to many, but in reality it is our age old grandmas and our mama’s teachings which are actually reminded to all of us by this virus. I remember my childhood days. When I was in India, belonging to a Brahmin Hindu Family, we were not allowed to enter the kitchen without washing hands and feet. Everytime after coming back from outside whether it is after playing or coming from anywhere outside, we had to wash our feet and hands and then only we were allowed to enter the house. People are now  washing hands across the globe.As a part of Hindu Culture, we always greet people by doing Namaste ( closed palms). Unfortunately,we tend to forget what we have learnt in our childhood and then start taking things for granted. This leads to the evolution and spread of NOVEL VIRUSES…I often think that these viruses must be talking to each other saying- “Look buddy, how we are clearing the human race at a pace which is much faster than their own destructive weapons” hahaha”. 

The fear of  this tiny microorganism made it mandatory for everyone to follow the rules.

Irony is – the one who thinks he is the smartest and the most intelligent race on this planet earth is at the mercy of VIRUS now.

But, there is hope .The situation is still not worse. We have survived through tough times and will always!! Now VIRUS for us should be-

Virtuous Incomparable Return of Unbelievable Support ” for all human beings across the globe. 

Today evening, when I went for my walk as usual, I did not see much of a crowd, but at the same time I could see at least  a couple of fathers playing with their kids. This is not a usual sight for me everyday. I could see only kids playing in the playground. But, today, I saw people really spending time in the patios talking , father playing with son/ daughter tennis, badminton..People are able to find time for family I found that  kids are finding out ways to look for a tremendous amount of online learning resources created by their mentors,instead of wasting their time on social media. 

So, we have hope amidst this crisis.

We all can fight this pandemic by helping out each other. Let us be kind. Understand the difference between boycott and isolation. Have empathy.

I remember an inspiring dialogue from the movie- Independence Day. 

 “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on!

Story of a Beautiful Shirt

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

This is a story of a beautiful shirt and its journey. It is all about being optimistic and being ready for the struggles in life.

Once upon a time there was a shirt named Gyana ,he was one of the most beautiful shirts one can ever wish for inorder to flaunt .He was very proud of his makeup and style. He represented the latest fashion of the season. He was always delighted and filled with pride whenever his master wore him. With all his might and vigour he often  said, “I am the best of all”. Because of his fame and style,his friends sometimes envy him. Gyana enjoyed his life and days went by one after another. Suddenly what happened! A person named Plona took the charge of Gyana and took him away on a long journey. Gyana , at first enjoyed the journey with his master, but the master was not very kind. He never cared about Gyana ,he just used him and used him!

Gyana soon started losing his style, his fashion, his shine and finally got disheartened.He started losing his confidence.He got intimidated by looking at others.He felt deep inside like he doesn’t deserve to be put on and was not even worth seeing. He lost all his hopes and sat in a corner feeling depressed.He cried and went back in memories of himself being so worthy.  magically a person came and asked Plona, ” should I clean this shirt, it seems it’s not been washed and ironed since many days.Let me make it look like a brand new. Plona agreed ,as he was a lazy guy and grabbed a hand of help anytime if offered. Gyana was a little scared and said to the person ,” I am afraid of going into the washer and then the dryer”. It’s going to hurt me,twist me,heat me like anything,I don’t want to go ….”. ” I don’t think nothing is going to change me,I have lost hope in myself”

The magical person made him understand that it is sure going to be a fun time for you. He said “Don’t lose hope , I am here to change you and shall give you your old shine.” .Gyana agreed.

Soon ,Gyana returned  into the original Gyana with all confidence and shine and he stepped out and understood the little fact…..

Hard twists and turns can only give us the power to fight for our self esteem!

( Here the Plona represents the situations, circumstances we face in our life. Gyana represents our attitude towards life and the person who comes to rescue Gyana is life itself, which is a big school where we learn the most difficult  lessons after we are tested hard.)

Anjali Kulkarni.

Tiniest things matter

Today, I came across an emotional article in Marathi (an Indian language spoken in the west part of the country) which related the corona virus to humanity. I got so carried away after reading it that I decided to write it down in my blog. Sometimes it is not easy to ignore the most important trait of a human being which is humanity. We are amidst of a situation confirmed by WHO as a global emergency caused due to nCOV , novel corona virus. This virus is so deadly that has the capability of eradicating life out of this planet if we are not able to control the spread of this viral disease.

Source of reference:

Fears take hold that a global pandemic is inevitable.                 (

From eastern Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa, a steady stream of new cases on Friday fueled fears that the new coronavirus epidemic may be turning into a global pandemic, with some health officials saying it may be inevitable.

 –Says New York  times

Thinking of all our irrelevant fights where people around the world are involved make me wonder what is that actually matters the most. Fighting over issues like religion, money, job, status, and so on. When we do so, we often forget that the Nature is above all. Mother Nature doesn’t like us fighting. She often reminds us of not to have the illusion of being powerful. Every year we get storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and deadly diseases. We are in line of creating the worst bombs, atomic bombs, mother of bombs, nuclear bombs and whatnot. But, unfortunately we forget that if Nature decides to destroy us none of this is going to save us.

Macroscopic and gigantic weapons are useless when a micro-organism like a corona virus displays its capability of destruction of life from the whole planet. In the 21st Century when we are going to different planets looking for life, the medical industry is like a magical industry where we claim to treat and cure the worst of the diseases. We sometimes claim that we have created vaccinations which can save us from fatal diseases, but again this is just a mirage which is very different from reality. Every time a new virus is born it creates havoc. I remember Swine flu, Ebola and so many… Even though we think we have now secured life, but life is not secured.

The tiniest things cannot be ignored. It comes down to everything. The tiniest things in life if taken care of can make life beautiful and if ignored can wipe out the human life forever. The only thing that will remain is in the end is “Humanity”.

It is only through love and care that we can save mankind. Everything else is just an illusion, which in Sanskrit is called “Maya”. Let’s not hate each other and fight over things that carry no significance because, when it comes down to Nature’s power no other power can stand. So, let us all appreciate our Mother Nature, its blessings and try together to make this world a beautiful place to live.


My friends, I am here to share with you what amazed me today. Like my every single day, I am done with all my home chores and now relaxing on my couch going through all my messages for the day. These days social media is sometimes like the door that opens to curiosity. And I can never hold myself opening the door and enjoying the honeydew of immense knowledge being shared by people around the world.

You might be wondering how the picture I posted for my blog can be anyways related to the honeydew. But my friends… really it is. I was going through one of my cousin’s message on WhatsApp, where he posted a video on brain games. And that opened for me my door of curiosity. I found out that people are engaging in brain games and brain yoga to overcome the stress they are dealing with, in their daily life. What I found was the age old pose which we called as punishment given by teachers was one of the major brain yoga that enhances the brain power.

Holding left ear with right hand and the right ear by left hand. The yoga called as Thoppukaranam which is applying pressure by the thumb on the earlobes while doing knee bends and taking breaths. Doing this yoga has shown to decrease anxiety, depression, increases concentration, helps in memory and improved class performance in kids. People of any age can do this and can do it anywhere. There has been research done to prove that it increases the cognitive abilities in a healthy individual.


Effect of repetitive yogic squats with specific hand position (Thoppukaranam) on selective attention and psychological states

Original Article International Journal of Science and Consciousness Access online at: December 2016, 2(4), 40-46

Click to access evidence_based_study_on_super_brain_yoga_and_its_application_on_alpha_e.e.g._level_in_adolescence.pdf

There are number of resources available on google, google scholar, you tube and wherever your curiosity can take you, that show the evidence of what sometimes is called physical abuse can turn out differently as source of empowerment for the individual, rather I should put it as empowerment of  the brain of  individual. So, is the topic for today…


I work as a teacher and being in the teaching field, I have seen how the modern system of beliefs has made people change their perception of the word strict and discipline. When I did my Bachelors in Education, we studied about the psychology of a child and how it should be taken care of, while teaching in a school. Sometimes students need to be disciplined and steps have to be taken strictly to enforce the discipline. It is not about neglecting the importance of the psychological needs of the child. But, it is also necessary for us as teachers to understand if the response of a child/teen is really the psychological need or just a rescue from the assigned responsibility. I think it is a high time for every parent and every person to understand the difference between the “Panacea and Punishment”.

The teachers I remember, when I was a small kid and was in school, were trusted with the use of methods they used for correcting the child’s mistakes. Now, we have laws to protect everyone. And even after taking care of so many theories, data and law, still we are not able to control the stress and anxiety level in kids which is a big IRONY. The percentage of children, teens and adults who are now suffering from mental disorders or stress is far more than it was before in times. This is a kind of emergency situation because 70-90 % of the illness are due to stress of some kind. And it affects almost the entire human life.

Coming back to our Brain Yoga.

The so called punishment given years ago, which now, is proven as a Brain Yoga!!! should be seen in a new light.

So, were the teachers who asked the students to hold their ears and do sit ups, were right? (Which made the students understand their mistakes) Or Are those people right who call it a punishment and under the heavy burden of the word abuse prevents students from getting corrected?

It is the time for PANACEA NOT PUNISHMENT!!